self-care basics: part two

This is a continuation of my first post on a practical guide to self-care. This post is a little step up from the first one: we’re going to look at how to take care of yourself when you’re already managing to get reasonably good sleep, you’re keeping yourself clean, you’re getting fresh air at leastContinue reading “self-care basics: part two”

self-care basics: a how to guide

I’ve written previously about self-care, but I thought the time was ripe to make a practical post. This is definitely not an exhaustive list! But it might serve as a great jumping off point for you. This is part one of two parts, focusing on the basics of looking after yourself. Take a bath orContinue reading “self-care basics: a how to guide”

email counselling

Maybe you’ve been looking around my website and come across the email counselling page; email counselling is a new way of doing therapeutic work via writing and written response. Lots of clients like to bring in something they’ve written in between face-to-face counselling sessions – there’s something really cathartic about writing down feelings and sharingContinue reading “email counselling”

the difference between counselling and psychotherapy

I often see or hear questions about what the difference is between counselling and therapy. The answer is perhaps a bit disappointing – there’s not really much difference! It can be generally said that counselling tends to look at immediate issues (what’s going on right now and how do I handle it?) and therapy tendsContinue reading “the difference between counselling and psychotherapy”