therapy is about you

So here’s the thing about therapy – therapists don’t tend to reveal very much about themselves while they also learn so much about their clients. There’s a few reasons for that; some of them are good reasons, and some of them aren’t. I don’t tend to share very much about me in sessions – after all, that time is about my clients! Nobody wants to pay to listen to me talk about myself.

We do tend to pick up on things about people we spend time with though – we learn what makes other people laugh, what makes them angry, what makes them sad. Something I do is tell my clients how their stories feel to me, and how it feels to hear about how they’ve been treated. Sometimes we can be so used to not paying attention to how we feel, or have gotten so used to accepting bad treatment, or believe mean behaviour is normal – hearing someone else’s perspective is so valuable. Talking things through with someone who is outside of your normal life can help you see things differently, help you understand yourself better. If that’s something you think might be good for you to do, feel free to get in touch!

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