anxiety and 2020

2020 hasn’t been a great year so far, has it? Between lockdown, social distancing, recession, and isolation, I think everyone has felt like they’ve been put through the wringer. At times, perhaps you’ve felt like your loneliness or anxiety has been uncontrollable – maybe it still feels that way. Some people have felt anxious to go back to seeing their loved ones and resuming their more usual life, and others still feel very frightened about the risk of serious illness – we all are waiting in hope for a vaccine.

Not all anxiety is irrational, or something to be ignored – often our anxiety is telling us to notice something dangerous. But it’s tricky to tell sometimes, and what can you do when there is something very real to worry about?

It can be really useful to talk it through with a qualified counsellor, and go step-by-step through what you’re worried about and how to manage that anxiety in a way that you can feel okay with, in a way that you can keep going when everything seems paralysing. Think about whether that might be helpful for you, and if it is, get in touch! I offer free initial appointments to talk through whatever is bothering you.

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