grief and loss

Some days are just hard. We miss people we have lost, we listen for the sound of paws that belonged to a pet that’s now passed, we remember days that seemed unbearable, days or years that we somehow survived without feeling like that means anything. Perhaps we think about a time when we were able to do things we now currently cannot.

Some days, nobody knows what to say, and you don’t even know what you want to hear.

People sometimes come to counselling or therapy to be fixed, to stop feeling particular ways. One of the most difficult things we do sometimes is accept the feelings of grief, anger, loss, and know that they may be with us for awhile.

Counselling and therapy offers a space for you to sit with these difficult, sometimes overwhelming feelings, and to be heard with no judgement. I will not leap to try to find the right words to make you stop feeling a certain way, I will not abandon you to sink into feelings that feel too big to be contained. In counselling and therapy, I sit there with you, and allow you to just feel what you feel. We can talk through things, I can offer ways to help you learn to soothe and care for yourself, but if you just need a space to be sad or angry, or anything else, without someone trying to get in the way of your feelings, get in touch for that, too. Sometimes we just need to feel, be heard, be seen, and allowed to grieve and feel pain, and that’s OK.

I offer a free initial consultation session for you to meet me and us to have a chat. You can then decide if you’d like to work with me.

Life doesn’t discriminate, it takes and it takes and it takes, and we keep living anyway. (Hamilton, “Wait For It”)

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