email counselling

Maybe you’ve been looking around my website and come across the email counselling page; email counselling is a new way of doing therapeutic work via writing and written response. Lots of clients like to bring in something they’ve written in between face-to-face counselling sessions – there’s something really cathartic about writing down feelings and sharing it with someone else.

Some people also find it a lot easier to express themselves by writing, by taking their time and putting their thoughts to words. For others, it may just be a practical matter – they work awkward shifts, they travel a lot, or family life just makes it impossible to commit to an hour a week to sit in a room with a counsellor.

I firmly believe in the value of face-to-face or Zoom counselling; there is something really powerful about being able to sit and be with another person, and I think that working together in that way can lead to really lasting change.

But I’ve also been a regular internet user since 1998! I also believe in the real relationships that can be formed through the internet, and how powerful – for good or for ill – words that are written, read, and sent online can be. It can be so useful and helpful to be able to think, read, re-read, and process in your own time, without feeling any kind of time pressure. This can be particularly useful for anyone who has social anxiety that really affects their ability to communicate and feel comfortable with someone else.

There are lots of ways email counselling can work, but the most common ways are either long-term email-only counselling, or email counselling to begin with, gradually shifting into face-to-face work. It’s a new way of working, and it comes with a lot of possibilities. If this is something that interests you, drop me a line! I’d be more than happy to talk it through with you.

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