lockdown anxiety

I think one of the most frustrating things for me about lockdown is not being able to plan for anything. I’m a bit of a planner, and I found it difficult to think, back in April or May of this year, about the future because everything hinged on “if we’re finished with lockdown by then.” Then lockdown eased – then cases started going up and people started having to self-isolate – and now here we are, with restrictions tightening again.

It can bring up a lot of difficult feelings – loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety, anger, frustration. It’s a lot to deal with, and there’s not really any advice anyone can give.

Counselling and therapy aren’t really about giving advice – as your therapist, my job is to listen to you. Sometimes I can offer other points of view, or a different way of looking at things, but I don’t like to give advice much – after all, you know your circumstances better than I do! But I give you plenty of room to feel what you feel, express those thoughts and feelings, and together we can work out a way for you to keep moving forward – not ignoring your thoughts and feelings, rather acknowledging that they are there but they are not everything. It can be overwhelming, and a lot of people feel like they are drowning in anxiety, fear, and frustration right now. That’s okay – it’s a difficult, frightening time, so it’s natural to find life overwhelming right now.

It can be really helpful to talk through what you’re feeling. Consider getting in touch if you think it’s time to talk to someone.

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